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Upholstery has a key role in any home you plan to afford your design time towards. If adds the initial tone to a whole room and can be of paramount importance...

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Maintaining Your Windows

The following is a list of guidelines made by leading design and window maker's Sash Windows Workshop. To ensure your windows are kept in top condition...

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Choosing Best Rugs

Most homeowners have difficulty choosing the perfect rugs for different rooms because of lack of knowledge. If you know which rug suits best for a particular room...

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Blinds For Kids Rooms

Blinds can be a great way to enhance a children's bedroom. From playing with decoration and bright colours across a range of different blinds, to allowing for...

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Contemporary Interior Design

Minimal, clean and sophisticated. A contemporary interior which is less complicated is more spacious and uncluttered, perfectly quiet, restful and easy to maintain, a type...

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Perfect Living Room

If you are one of those people who struggle to tear away that ten year old purple and green wall paper then you might learn a lot from this. It is hard to gauge what the...

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