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Coloring Your Room

Before you can start decorating, there is always one thing you must first do, deciding the style of your room. It would be easier if you have a primary color chosen or a theme in mind. Although not all people are particularly sure about the decorating style they want, there is certain range of colors that will fit most homeowners.

If there is one thing that will easily affect your mood and feelings when you're at home, it's color. So make sure to be very careful when choosing the correct colors. Here are some tips to help:

For Walls - Warm colors will make the place more inviting, such as yellow, red, pink or gold.

Cool Colors - Colors like blue or green have calming effect that is suitable for bedrooms.

Mixed Colors - Such as purple or beige, they can be either warm or cool depending on the selected shades.

For Ceilings - Light Colors: May be less noticeable and bright, hence making the ceiling seemingly higher.

Dark Colors - Can make a space look smaller and the ceiling lower.

This primary layer of design, the walls and ceilings can have three main color combinations. White ceilings can go with almost any wall colors. A same color for both the ceilings and walls could be nice but only if the paint is light and if there are enough lighting around the room. Lastly, the ceilings can be painted with its own colors, creating something namely, the fifth wall. Such a contrast in colors can be fun but if it fails to impress, change the ceiling back to white.

After you are sure with the colors that you want, you will probably know what kind of furniture to buy to match the room. Preferably, check out the furniture and their showroom in advance to get a better idea before painting. Plus, in this way you can alter the shade of your color or even change your color choices because you already have the idea of what furniture to get. Eventually, there will be a style or theme unique to your room.