SOMA Interiors

Contemporary Interior Design

Minimal, clean and sophisticated. A contemporary interior which is less complicated is more spacious and uncluttered, perfectly quiet, restful and easy to maintain, a type best for homeowners who like to follow the latest trend.

Some key characteristics that you may find in a contemporary interior:

Modern furniture with sleek and simple design usually derived from geometrical shapes. They are often without carvings, skirting, trims or fringes.

Colors of the fabric or leather upholstery of the furniture are normally of modest and neutral tones. Black and bold colored furniture are suitable when the background is of subtle hue.

Generally the walls are painted black, white or with other neutral colors that can make wall displays or decorations standout.

Sculptures or accessories made from stone, metal or clear glass are wonderful decors but they should be used sparingly since contemporary interiors need more open space than clutters.

Metallic track or recessed lightings are popular fixtures used as focus lightings on top of the furniture. A well lighten wall art should be hanged at eye level.

Lighting is very important to brighten up the contemporary space. You should get the most out of the natural light coming into the room. Window coverings are therefore kept to the minimum, often by using roll up blinds or sheer curtains because of its low profile look.

Flooring should feel smooth such as the quality in vinyl, wood or tile.

Free and uncluttered space doesn't mean you can leave the open area blank. A large rug is an ideal companion and a must have to add in more color and texture.