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Elements of a Perfect Living Room

If you are one of those people who struggle to tear away that ten year old purple and green wall paper then you might learn a lot from this. It is hard to gauge what the perfect living room can look like when you are faced with thousands of choices for every item in your room. Even the handles on your living room doors will properly be available in 250 different styles and colours.

The best living rooms are the ones that are both stylish and practical, the trick is to insert elements you like into your home from other peoples living rooms. Take a look at some of the best features to be incorporated into any living:

Window coverings

Natural light should be your best friend, light provides the illusion of spaciousness. The more space you have in your room the more the style and design of a room with be drawn to the surface. Curtains are not practical in a family living room, they take up unnecessary space, obstruct light and often distract people away from your windows and or the views. Most modern day blinds offer ease of use and come in thousands of colours, patterns and styles to offer any space in the a modern style.

The minimalist approach

The perfect room is deemed to have ample space in order for the occupant to relax and feel stress free. If you have enough space consider leaving the furniture you only really need in the room, remove that computer desk or draws that are only holding paper work. With less furniture light will be able to dance around your living room!

The centre point

Every room has to have a centre point of focus, depending on your accommodation you may have a different idea of what the room is facing towards. A fire place seems to be more traditional centre point, however Televisions have become a household centre piece as they are now a leading source of entertainment. Divert your attention away from your box if possible, consider adding striking images, statues, murals or even furniture to be the main focus of your living room.

Neat & Tidy

It's important to tuck away those wires you have hanging out from behind the sofa or running down from the TV. Guests are likely to notice any leading cables around your living room. If you need to add more power sockets into a room don't be afraid to invest in them, they will ensure your room stays tidy and neat.

Environmentally friendly

There has recently been a large focus on homes being as environmentally friendly as possible. This is the same for living rooms, consider investing in Ardenham Energy solar panels or a wind turbine to power your rooms appliances. Most furniture in your living room can be purchased from environmentally friendly suppliers or recycled parts. The eco drive has made many household become more valuable and attractive to potential buyers and guests.