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Create Any Effect with Beautiful Glass Candle Holders

You've spent countless hours perusing mags and websites with interior design rules and DYI tips, got to work and did a brilliant home makeover. You even plan to stock up on a selection of yummy looking and smelling Samplers® votive candles, but there's still a special touch missing for a true wow-effect.

Never underestimate the versatility and finishing touch power of a candle holder, that small but indispensable home accessory. Transform an ordinary evening of cooking Indian with your significant other into a special themed date by placing small votive or tea light candles into a couple of beautifully ornamented, aubergine-coloured Indian Summer votive holders.

The beauty of small glass candle holders is the freedom they give us to unleash our imagination and come up with wildest multiple arrangements for the purposes of seduction, relaxation, meditation or just creating an otherworldly feel. This is especially effective in bathrooms, for a late night zen soak in the bath after a long day filled with chores and stress of all sorts. For an instant home spa effect, arrange several vintage inspired Paradise Mosaic Blue candle holders around the bath, pour a few drops of your best loved relaxing aromatic oil into the water, and the bliss time can start!

Every now and then we throw dinner parties for friends, meaning we have more or less the same set of people checking out our homes a few times every year. It's great to know that thoughtfully selected and strategically placed votive holders with aromatic candles inside can customise a dining room for any occasion and festivity. For a stylish birthday party, mix different colours of cheerful bucket-designed votive holders, and don't leave out the Gold Glitter Bucket out of the mix.

For an atmospheric Halloween, put a couple of Spider Web themed holders and pair them up with pumpkin or candy-scented votive candles. A Valentine's dinner won't be quite complete without sweet-smelling candles burning from a heart pendant or a love script glass candle holder. The festive season will enter your home completely with charming silver gingerbread-themed and elegant snowflake shaped glass and metal candle holders. There are models for all seasons, from flowery daisy and poppy designs to the stunningly posh Fiery Autumn line.

Another amazingly convenient feature of glass candle holders is the ability to match them with corresponding candle scents, so we can create inexpensive yet luxurious gift sets. Browse the smart collection glass candle holders to find a perfect gift or home decor inspiration.