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Guide to Maintaining Your Windows

The following is a list of guidelines made by leading design and window maker's Sash Windows Workshop. To ensure your windows are kept in top condition throughout each season. To help owners of traditional timber windows maintain them, lengthen their life span and avoid the expense of replacements where possible. However, if you need to have your windows replaced or looked at by a professional, Roofs By Rodger is a great choice.


  1. Check your elevations: Windows that face South and West are exposed to worse weather conditions than North and East facing windows. This means they will need more attention.
  2. Be patient with painting: It's important to understand that some windows need painting every couple of years while others don't need painting for several years, depending on exposure. This is important around winter time, if you can't paint all the windows just focus on the exposed ones.
  3. Preparation for painting: Make sure the windows are clean and all dirt is removed, don't strip paint off as it doesn't make it any easier and can often cause problems.
  4. Paint budgeting: Preparation is the best form of ensuring a good finish, only buy paint your budget allows. Good preparation will save money on paint i.e. ensure you followed the previous steps. Ideally apply two coats.
  5. Make sure you take care of rot: Ensure you check if rot has set in regular, this can be easily found out by poking about with a screwdriver. Use a hardening compound and filler to repair the damage. I you don't consider yourself a handy man it's a good idea to get a joinery professional to repair the damage.
  6. Take care of windows and door: Make sure your windows and doors are functioning properly, this is done simply by regular check-ups. Opening and closing, just inspecting the outer frames. It's recommended to do this once every couple of weeks.

Things to look out for:

  • Windows jamming: Scrape off access paint which may be affecting joint movement, spay silicone into the joints, this should solve the problem. If the windows have expanded to the point where it's difficult to open or close, it's best to get a carpenter.
  • Cracked glass: Cracked glass, damaged sash cords or faulty ironmongery shouldn't be a reason to worry and is cheap to repair. The structural make-up of the joinery is the most important factor.

Important points to remember:

  • Use the correct tools when opening and closing your windows, don't attempt to use any other tools such as crow bars etc. As this weakens the window and will cause long term damage.
  • Windows need to be taken care of and need regular maintenance. This is the most important point to remember. Regular maintenance will save you a lot of money in the long run so it is worthwhile to spend the extra few pounds on adhesives, repellents etc.

A video guide: