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Incorporating Glass Into Your Home Design

The right glassware can be as beautiful as it is functional. There are many ways to incorporate glassware into your home, reflecting classic beauty and style. Glassware can add light to any space with its translucent beauty. Here are some ways to incorporate glass into your interior design:


We all have small objects that we don't want to lose. This may be jewelry that we wear often but want to make sure is safely put away when removed since can be easy to lose. A glass trinket box can add style and charm to any room.


Glass flower bottles are a charming way to display bouquets, store incense, and more. They make a beautiful alternative to large, traditionally shaped vases that may look out of place or cost much more. If you want to dress up a small end table, a small flower bottle can really add a lot of character. Large dining tables can be dressed up with several smaller bottles or a large flower bottle in a fun color. A clear bottle gives a more classic look.

Fruit bowls

Many of us have a fruit basket for quick snacks and the beautiful colors that fresh fruit offers. Instead of displaying fruit in a common wire or wicker basket, why not choose a beautiful crystal glass bowl? You can even have the bowl engraved with a family monogram, flower, or other design. For a truly decadent work of functional art, Dartington offers the RHS Blackberries Bowl, a delightful design sure to be passed down through the generations.

Glass to add to the illusion of space

Glass can help rooms of all sizes feel larger. It reflects light, and since it is transparent, in many cases, seems to take up less space. Rooms don't feel as partitioned or cluttered when they contain some glass. Interior designers have increasingly used glass for counter tops, chairs, tables, walls, and more. With smaller living spaces becoming more popular due to economic and environmental concerns, glass is filling a very important niche in interior design. New design includes opaque glass walls, giving rooms privacy, and a lot of light.

Using color wisely

Many designers recommend contrasting glass furnishings with white or other neutral colors for an airy and spacious look. Colored glass will stand out more against a neutral background. A white tablecloth with a beautifully colored bowl or flower bottle looks airy and hospitable. Neutral tones allow for the true beauty of the glassware to shine through without a space looking too overdone or busy.

Variety and function

Since glassware is easy to move around and change, you can easily experiment with different arrangements and designs in any room of your home or business. Glassware is often multifunctional, so decorating with it makes sense for those living in flats or small houses where possessions must be chosen wisely. The beauty, variety, and functionality of glass are truly a winning combination for the modern household.