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Interior Basics - Where to Start?

Asking youself where to start decorating the interior of your home is a common question among beginners who wanted to furnish their homes all by themselves. It is a good question but there are just too many answers to this, so I thought it would be best if I can summarized that all up into a simple and easy to understand piece of information.

After learning the basics, you can then proceed to a more advanced decorating guide, else it can be a tad confusing for certain new home decorators.

Decorating the entire interior of a brand new house is definitely not going to be easy because there are so many areas and rooms to consider but you can always focus on one place at a time. Even if you are just redecorating a room, the basic interior design principles are still applicable to both of these situations.

Firstly, think about dividing a room into 7 layers of design as follow:

  1. Shell of the room - Walls and ceilings, which include incorporating windows, fireplaces and creating a focal point.
  2. Floor - Flooring material such as hardwood, tiles, carpet, etc.
  3. Upholstery Furniture - Including any furniture that is covered with fabric, leather or other types of padding such as beds, sofas, loveseats, chairs and recliners.
  4. Casegoods Furniture - Including cabinets, wardrobes, cocktail tables, and coffee tables. These are useful for storage to keep unsightly mess tucked away. Label the shelves with a dymo label writer 450 turbo from LabelCity to designate where everything goes.
  5. Lighting - Proper lighting for certain tasks, accent lighting for decoratives or highlights along with general lighting.
  6. Window Treatments - There are hard treatments like blinds and shutters or soft treatments like curtains and valances.
  7. Accessories - This can be a rug under the sofa, candles on the table or artwork on the wall.

By dividing your work into different stages, the entire furnishing project will be much more managable because you are dealing with only one room at a time. Being the primary, layer 1 will be a good start off point whereas layer 7 is a much more neglectable element which can possibly be taken care of at a later time. You will find it more comfortable to work with when you are focusing to finish the interior layer by layer .

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