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Showcase a Bathroom Using Light

It’s amazing how much you can learn from a few experiments with light in the bathroom and how much the space is opened up and emphasised when light is used in the correct way. We all have our own methods of making our bathrooms look bright and look good, but there are some showcasing tricks that will either reinforce what you’re already doing, or provide you with some brand new bathroom lighting inspiration.

The best bathrooms use all light sources very wisely along with additional products to give this the biggest impact. So here are some tips from the Bath House Online on how to really showcase your bathroom using light:

Natural light

The easiest, most prominent and cheapest source of light is of course natural. The unfortunate downside is that natural light cannot be relied on all year round such as on those dark winter mornings and early evenings, but from sunrise to sunset is certainly one of the most effective methods. Large windows are the key here, or even strategically placed windows that aren’t blocked from the outside, to allow a constant heavy flow of light all day; there is something peaceful about a bathroom illuminated by solely natural light.


One of the most popular choices for many modern bathrooms, spotlights merge into the ceiling and provide much more light than their small appearance would have you believe, although the bulb strength does of course factor into this. Spotlights are an ideal solution for showcasing compact bathroom suites which have a poor exposure to daylight, especially when part of a central-ceiling cluster all facing different directions so light hits every corner and crevice of the bathroom.


As bathroom interior design slowly slips away from the traditional pastel tones to more vibrant, snazzy and experimental colour palettes, we can’t neglect the importance of white, especially when it comes to light emphasis. A bright bathroom is a healthy bathroom and there’s nothing brighter under any source of light than pristine white ceramics manufactured for toilets, wash basins and bathtubs. You'll never know how much brightness there is to be captured in your bathroom if you leave white out completely – it is the ultimate showcasing colour for bouncing light around the room.


Last but not least, the handy reflective surface of mirrors is a lifesaver in the bathroom not just for emphasising the space, but for showcasing the light too. Ideally, the larger the better, but it’s not all about size if correctly fitted and strategically positioned adjacent to a window; mirrors work effectively with the natural light that pours into the bathroom to send beams into corners that light otherwise wouldn’t reach. Many modern mirrors also now incorporate LEDs around the edge to boost bathroom lighting at night and give your bathroom a relaxing glow.

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