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Traditional & Contemporary Interior Styles

Traditional Interiors

They may look a little like formal but the style should not be confused by the overall details. A traditional interior has a classic feel and sometimes may appear to be somehow, outdated. The result offers a warm and relaxing interior without anything "wild".

Some characteristics of traditional interiors:

  • Casegoods furniture with classic yet elegant straight and curved lines made from cherry or mahogany wood is often used.
  • Upholstery furniture consists of floral patterned fabrics like velvet, damask, crewel, silk or chintz which is nice to touch due to its soft texture and not too shiny look.
  • Pairs of floor lamps, table lamps, wall scones, potted plants, vases, urns, mirrors and a collection of books are ideal decorative items.
  • All items and furniture require the same arrangement of a formal style which is in symmetric and balanced order to harmonize the design.
  • Simple cabinets with little carving can be used for personal displays.
  • Pinch pleated drapes are qualified classic window treatments.
  • Walls and ceilings may include features like basic trims, chair rails and crown molding.
  • Mostly mid tone colors are painted in traditional interiors, including yellow, red, tan, white, grey, blue and green.
  • Definitely not a place for stainless steel furniture or modern arts.
  • Flooring is not so important in traditional interiors because they should not stand out too much. Hardwood floor with a rug or carpet will do just fine.

Contemporary Interiors

Best for homeowners who like to follow the latest trend. The interior is minimal, clean and sophisticated, thus less complicated rules should be implied. It will be a spacious and uncluttered place that is quiet, restful and easy to maintain.

Some characteristics of contemporary interiors:

  • Any modern furniture of your choice with sleek and simple design usually derived from geometrical shapes.
  • Furniture such as chairs or sofas with exposed legs are often used and they are usually without carving, skirting, trim or fringes.
  • Color of fabric and leather upholstery furniture is normally of modest and neutral tones. Black and bold colored furniture are suitable if the background is of subtle hue.
  • Generally the walls are painted black, white or with some other neutral, plain colors which can make your displays standout.
  • Sculptures or accessories made from stone, metal and clear glass are wonderful decors but use them sparingly because you need more open space, not clutters.
  • While in the bathroom, different types of shower screens design are used instead of the traditional shower curtain.
  • Metallic track or recessed lightings are popular fixtures used to focus each individual furniture piece. A well lighted wall art should be hanged at eye level.
  • Lighting is a very important factor that helps brighten up the space in contemporary interiors. You should get the most out of natural light into the room. Therefore window coverings are kept to the minimum by using roll up blinds and sheer curtains due to its low profile look.
  • Flooring should feel smooth such as the quality of vinyl, wood or tiles.
  • Free and uncluttered space doesn't mean you have to leave the open area blank. Rug is a good companion and a must have to add in more colors and texture.

Be familiar by learning more about these design styles and soon you will find yourself bursting with ideas on interior decorating.

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