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Upholstery Joy

Upholstery has a key role in any home you plan to afford your design time towards. If adds the initial tone to a whole room and can be of paramount importance for any further additions you plan to source in the future. Texture and tone are of course always sensitive issues but the colour options available currently really do open a lot of additional doors in terms of styling. Durability is a necessary evil but clearly vitally important in most settings.

Whether choosing new additions, or perhaps you are considering a re-upholstery project even so fabric is massively important. It really is quite inspiring how the fabric selected or the colour of such fabric can change the whole mood of a room – even a home.

A lot of people reflect their thoughts immediately to the living room when discussing upholstery. I think it can be just as relevant in the bedroom. Upholstered beds can be such a mood setter in the bedroom and can be perfect for providing a great base in which you can accessorise – or even change depending on your tastes of the current season. The bed can engage your mind and give you so many accessory options you really will be spoilt for choice. Personally, I went for a rich fudge colour with the winter ahead of us and it goes sensationally against my very basic décor.

Upholstered sofa beds or arm chairs can also go a long way in creating a dramatically classic ambience. Paying consideration to curtains is also key especially at this time of year. The alternatives in the bedstead market are wooden or faux leather. For me the wooden frames are fab for the summer but no so effective in the winter and I’ve never been a big leather fan when styling.

Whichever way you decide to go it is sure there are a lot of fabulous design models available and often sets with the matching chaise and chairs – enjoy your time designing!