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Variety of Interior Styles

Learning the unique characteristics of interior design styles can definitely come in handy when you're decorating your own house. Though there are countless styles of interior designs to learn, only a handful are popularly used in practical home designs. Below are a few different interior styles a beginner should know:

Casual Interiors

This style is marked by simplicity. Not only it feels warm and comfortable, this design is safe and can be easily combined into other styles, providing your home with an everlasting appeal.

Some characteristics of casual interiors:

  • Uses soft upholstery furniture made from fabric such as wool or cotton, also consists of variations such as textured and oversized.
  • Furniture design focuses on simple details and lines with soft curves.
  • Tables and chairs are big and long, yet peaceful looking, lofty and comfortable.
  • The interior colors used are usually light and pale like white, beige, cream and lighter hues of blue as well as green.
  • Pastel and darker colors such as tan, navy, red and green can be used on other furnishing to create a contrast.
  • Accessories made from wood, iron, wicker or rattans are suitable as decorative items.
  • Country charm artworks with wooden frames are more preferred over abstract art pieces.
  • Fabrics used in tablecloth and curtains often include ruffles and pleats, non-traditional designs are highly recommended.
  • Any material for flooring is acceptable as long as they are not too shiny.
  • A reasonably big sized rug with geometrical shape with subtle woven patterns can be placed to enhance the setting.

Formal Interiors

Classy with a blend of traditional touch, but this is not to be mistaken with the old fashioned type. Appropriate for a room that is big and long with large windows because the end design is attractive and in high regard.

Some characteristics of formal interiors:

  • There will often be a central focal point that draws the eyes on first look, which is usually an elegant fireplace, a big piece of artwork normally landscape oil painting or a big window with the view of your beautiful lawn.
  • Furniture pieces are arranged in pairs and symmetrical order, on a straight line across the room.
  • Dark and rich wood like mahogany, oak and walnut hardwoods are generally used in the furniture, which may involved complex carving some of the time.
  • These types of sofas are easy to find whenever there are any living room furniture for sale.
  • Antique accessories, throw pillows with trims, oriental rugs, Persian carpets, fringe draperies and valances are all proper decorative pieces.
  • Wall, table and floor light fixtures as well as chandeliers made of crystal and brass are excellent add-ons.
  • Many color combinations can be used to unify the furniture and accessories. Shades of neutral or pastel colors such as beige, off-white, red, peach, pink, olive green and grey are great choices.
  • Extra artworks and mirror furnishings are framed with gilt frames.
  • Pairs of decorative items are required to create a balance on both left and right sides.
  • Hardwood floorings have the most formal look. Stones or tiles on the other hand are also acceptable options.

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